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"Is the End of Health Insurance Near? Exploring Alternatives for Medical Providers"

By C Leonard, MBA, CHC

Providers! We have mentioned for a couple years to current (2022-2023) to our clients that the Healthcare World will soon feel a massive change in structure. In other words, you need to find a way to survive.

Our researched model of the Direct Primary Care and/or Concierge Medicine began when the healthcare industry was impacted by the Obamacare take over, the worst plan ever i.e. Socialistic Medicine! Did anyone even see this? FYI, this government healthcare initiative was never designed to help "the people" but moreso to "control" care level, invade privacy of all humans using your personal data for "their gains", and control costs industry-wide while putting more money into the Big Pharma Pockets, that being a huge crime in and of itself.

It's the largest obvious Ponzi scheme to only fill the Big Business, government elites that I've witnessed in my years in the healthcare field destroy medicine as it should be "free will choice for all humans". I have personally fought for many patients to receive "authorizations" by insurance companies who control patient's lives literally, who control decisions for the patient! That's just WRONG! I've found very unqualified, doctors or nurses sitting behind a phone at a desk at these Insurance companies that literally "decide" whether a radiology scan, test or medical necessity item recommended by "the medical provider" is "necessary" for the patient. So how would they know anything about the patient when they are not the ones caring for them? Ridiculous! It's called control and allowing humans to perish un-necessarily. I've seen too many human lives lost due to this complete breakdown in the healthcare governed world. It disgusted me which is why I started in the business to help medical providers survive in the future (since 2010) of what could see coming. We are there Now! You either signed up to 'Play the insurance/pharma game to get paid off", or you live up to your oath not to be "bought" for human lives to find a way to "survive" with your own business/clinic.

We are pleased to share that quite a few of our clients have embraced the future of healthcare 'survival' to restructure or start their medical practice on a CASH ONLY basis, allowing it to be more affordable for patients while assuring revenue stream into the business practice. We have seen in the past two years our clients who started their journey on a concierge based practice or direct primary care have grown, patients find it affordable and receive better care as "time" is appropriately given to them for optimal medical care by their providers. The patients' are happier, willing to pay for "real care", not to feel like cattle in a pen only to be herded into an office for a quick 15 minute visit by a medical provider with a half fast evaluation, and still no answers given to their conditions. Some patients ultimately were found to have serious conditions due to their previous 'run of the mill medical clinics' because of pharmaceutical drug interactions.

This month, March 2024 the Healthcare main billing hub - clearing house system was hacked. It is only the beginning of the downward spiral. Do you know what the repercussions are of this? Many months of NO REVENUE for your practice. Most physicians have much overhead, so what do you do if there is ZERO savings fund to pay your employees and keep your doors open? Many will not survive this as a contingency plan may not be in place. So, what is the "positive" side of the "SYSTEM" going down and its questionable when it will ever come back up? Take charge of your business practice now!

Solution : If you are a physician, nurse practitioner practice who want to survive as your patients love / depend on you for care, START YOUR DIRECT PRIMARY CARE PRACTICE TODAY! Cash is King as they say. There is a simple step process to convert your practice from insurance to Direct Primary Care or Concierge Medicine, it is not complicated and we are here to help you swiftly! If your patients love the care they receive they will follow you as their lives depend on YOU! We highly recommend stay ahead of what is coming, the change is here NOW, if you have passion for what you do, engage with a solution that will work for all; more important for your patients well being and your business survival!

Contact Us today for a FREE Half Hour Consultation where we can assess your situation and help you through this difficult time. We make it affordable to help change lives in a positive way! God is our leader as he guides us on what to do.


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