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Market Power Inc. aligns with what we present as our " A List Power Partners" whom we have reviewed through specific client projects, or have long term business relations.  
We endorse and thank our partners for their quality work, experience and follow through. We manage the course to assure your project is handled to our mutual set specifications and goals. It is with great business relationships that we can provide our clients with a synergistic one-stop-shop opportunity. 
If we are  unable to assist on a specific request that may be out of our scope, Market Power Inc. will research and locate the appropriate team member to maintain continuity for guaranteed results.

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TeleHealth Software System

Our TeleHealth Systems partner has years of development experience in this area who provide a versatile and seamless solution to boost your Medical Practice business by incorporating a HIPAA compliant solution for Telemetry Visits.  Medicare and most all insurances pay for TeleHealth, why not take advantage of a solution that can expand your business practice! You can implement this tool for your practice to provide better service to your client-patients while saving you time and money!

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Practice Billing Management Audit Specialists & Medical Billing Services

Our Practice Billing Management partner that provides years of experience, licensed and audit experience for proper coding and regulatory adherence in all clinical specialties with additional Medical billing services. In addition, provides consulting and education to staff for your current billing practices.

Accounting, Financial Consulting, Asset Protection

Every business needs a great Financial Consultant to help manage your business revenues, investments, accounting and taxes.  Here we offer you a full service option providing the guidance needed for successful business financial  and tax management. 

Medical/Health Insurance Personal or Business

Every business owner small or large needs a Health Insurance Agent they can trust to find the most Cost-Effective and "Affordable" Health Care Insurance Plan with today's Health Plan Dilemmas. David R. at USA Benefits Group has provided outstanding service to us and clients we referred having SAVED us from the High Insurance Rate Crisis. Choose a Plan that works for YOU!

Business Law Firm, Corporate, Employment,  Estate Plan, Land Use, Real Estate, Commercial

A business owner should consult with an attorney with regard to Corporate planning, Estate Planning that may include your business, Employment laws, Land Use or review of Lease contracts etc...  

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