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Marketing your Medical Practice Part 1

Hands down your best marketing assets are your employees and your patients! Period.

We want our patients to tell friends, family and even strangers that we are the best. We want our employees engaged in the core mission — providing amazing care and caring to each and every patient. We have to energize them to be an effective sales team for our mission. Excellent Customer Service plays an enormous role in this!

We should not be concerned if they are talking about us online or face-to-face (more on that later); but making sure the story they share is a true and awesome experience one. Enthusiasm is contagious. Fact!

Depending upon whose statistics we use, at least one in five marriages begins online. If someone is going to look for a forever soulmate online, you can bet they will go online to find a physician. So let's not debate whether it's a good thing or not; it is a reality that we must accept.

Online reviews are simply the word-of-mouth for the masses and the millennials. Let's focus on the message rather than the mode.

Remember: enthusiasm is contagious. Take care of your patients and employees, and you'll be amazed with how well they take care of you. Great reviews reap wonderful rewards for all. Not only you, in the practice, but knowing you did the right thing to make your patient happy and comfortable. That is key.

More ideas to come on my next post for marketing tips in your practice!

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