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Coronavirus Preparation for Medical Professionals using TeleMedicine

As we embark on new territory in our great land of the United States of America, with a massive outbreak of a most unusual virus planted here in our homeland; it is critical to our population masses that contingency plans are in order for businesses to survive and Medical Professionals to continue to do their jobs. As we see emergent planning is in progress by our government Administration there are open options to help you.

It is assumed all medical professionals in the healthcare field have a critical emergency plan. If you do not, it's time to take notes and assure you have a plan in place for any disastrous event! This pandemic, being one of which we may call an event like no other we have ever thought to see since 911 should be a lesson to all. Preparation is key. It is hopeful that we as Americans will stick together and support one another through this to maintain our Strength, Courage, Vitality and Course we were just on months ago. We were making progress in a growing economy. The economy can bounce back as long as we can "hold on", weather the storm, and extinguish this virus.

Currently CMS has released the option for providers to utilize TeleMedicine for patient visits for those who are quarantined at home due to symptoms of the Virus or those who are immune compromised and elderly. You can visit the American TeleMed Association website for more information. There are various telemedicine software companies available and EMR systems that will provide this option for secure method of use. Beware of anyone price gauging for use of a video-conference system.

One option available through secure log in and 2 step verification process is SKYPE (a Microsoft product). This has been identified as a permissable tool for video-conferencing with your patients in this urgent time.

Herein we will provide the links you may need to assist with creation of your account as well as the patient end user account. Many may already have a SKYPE account for their personal use. We hope this information is useful in this urgent time for providers and patients to connect as many companies may be overwhelmed at this time.

We also have on our partnership page a telemedicine provider company called BLUM who can be of assistance with their ease of plug and play virtual software that is HIPAA compliant and certified. Free to the end-users!

We send a huge thank you to all of our medical professionals who are on the front lines today assisting patients and the population in need. We pray that you are protected, stay healthy and overcome this hurdle we must all jump over to embrace our "positive" future while praying for all the families who have lost loved ones during this time.

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