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Coronavirus Cares Act Information for Business and Personnel

We hope today's newsletter finds everyone hanging in there during our Coronavirus crisis. As Americans we can survive this because we are resourceful, small business or large, we must be creative in our efforts to stay afloat and help the people we count on stay employed.

Resourceful is the key word. A good time to think out of the box, based on what business type you have. HOW can you re-tool your current business schematics to provide your services and/or sell products? We suggest come up with a plan NOW. Revise to innovation using technology accessible today.

The challenges we have ALL been faced with is revising our way of business in the future. Who suffers in the end, business and hard working Americans who actually want to work, and who had great jobs, supporting our thriving economy.

For anyone with questions on the current RELIEF EFFORTS by Government below are links to the Florida CARES ACT information, in addition to the Florida Department of Health link so you may stay up to date on our current trends and what to do with COVID19 in the state.

We wish everyone continued well wishes for great health and family/friends/community support. Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones or businesses while suffering through this virus epidemic.

In a "hope" and "faith" view, there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Together as an all American nation we CAN and WILL overcome the odds! Believe in this.

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