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How to Start Your Independent Medical Practice and Keep Moving Forward

Getting Started:
  • Get liability insurance, if needed

  • Incorporate your business: Is an LLC or Corp best for you we recommend check with your CPA. If you do not have one, you should get one immediately!

  • Find the best practice management platform for your business

  • Create your Marketing/Business Plan or Hire a consultant like us to formulate and guide you through

  • Make sure you’re HIPAA-compliant

  • Make sure to have all your policies and procedures in place

  • Choose office space - Good Location!

  • Figure out which charting templates work best for you

  • Create your forms and waivers

  • Get your first 5 clients

  • Hire quality employees that you want to keep it's worth the investment! (you get what you pay for)

  • Optional: Create a cancellation policy and payment policies

Growing Your Business:
  • Upgrade your private practice website

  • Start using telehealth (we have great solutions to share with you )

  • Offer your services as packages (after you create some)

  • Decide whether you want to accept insurance, Cash usually works best for those people that ARE willing to pay with high deductibles

  • Boost practice revenue

  • Help your clients be more successful

  • Host group counseling sessions or webinars

Improving Your Marketing:

  • Get active and perfect social media presence

  • Establish and grow your professional Instagram account

  • Leverage Facebook to grow your business

  • Join your local Chamber of Commerce

  • Reach out to your demographic community, attend events, create events such as open houses at your location each month with a purpose to draw in customers.

  • Use the media to your advantage, give a good story that can be shared

  • Start Promoting to other Physicians in community who would refer to you, send letters! Set up a meeting to present your services.

  • Stay connected to your patients, offer a private forum to them for Q and A, Refer a friend Program, Purchase incentive programs

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